Saffron Cream Topped with Salted Caramel Sauce

Do you ever happen to overbuy milk sometimes, and are left with too much with the expiration date fast approaching? This was my mistake this week, and so to use the milk, I decided to make this easy, simple and no bake ‘custard cream’. It’s flavored with saffron, and topped with salted caramel sauce! A … Continue reading

Macarons of Nancy

Everyone knows macarons, the little round cookies.They come in pastel colors filled with a ganache or jam in the middle and on sale everywhere. There is another version of macarons, more rustic, golden brown color. This version is made with almond powder, egg white and icing sugar. These macarons are from Nancy, the capital of … Continue reading

Apple and Lemon Cake

I often like to prepare simple and classic recipes, and this is cake is both (and tasty 😀 ). I remembered my grand-mother used to make this cake in her green cookware “Le Creuset” and the texture was perfect and moist. This cake is perfect for any occasions and ready to be served for the … Continue reading

Cod Croquettes and Chive Dip

Summer is here and Ramadan is just around the corner, this is why I have decided to prepare something easy and simple for lunch with the delicious fish; Cod. The origin of this recipe is from Portugal. The Portuguese are fond of this fish, and the recipe has spread across the Mediterranean. I made an Algerian version, both … Continue reading

Plum Tarte Tatin

I have just returned from my vacation in South of France. The delicious food, beautiful weather and childhood nostalgia is exactly what I needed! Now, I am back home and happily back into my kitchen! Today, I am making an unconventional Tarte Tatin. Originally, this Tarte is an upside-down caramelized apple tarte made with a pâte-brisée. The Plums were too … Continue reading

Round Braided Brioche

  To me, nothing is better than waking up early and preparing a homemade brioche for my family or friends. I always enjoy watching the dough rise, kneading it, and braiding it into it’s final brioche shape. For today’s Fiesta Friday, I have in my panière a warm and fresh round braided brioche, made with 6 … Continue reading