Macarons of Nancy

Everyone knows macarons, the little round cookies.They come in pastel colors filled with a ganache or jam in the middle and on sale everywhere. There is another version of macarons, more rustic, golden brown color. This version is made with almond powder, egg white and icing sugar. These macarons are from Nancy, the capital of … Continue reading

Walnut Pistachio Cake

After nearly two years of participating in Fiesta Friday, I’m very excited to share that I’ll be co-hosting this week’s 99th Fiesta Friday with Caroline of Caroline’s Cooking. To distract my mini co-hosting stage fright, I’ve kept myself busy by baking today’s tasty walnut pistachio cake! The recipe is inspired by two famous French Patissiers; Christophe Felder … Continue reading

Almond and Prune Tart

End of the year approaching means a lot of sweet treats, festivity and family reunion. Today I made a tasty tart, this recipe is inspired by Stefan Gourmet’s  blog that I follow. I appreciate the detailed of his work and the large varieties of his recipes. Here, I opted for a prune purée (dried plum … Continue reading

Galettes with Orange Blossom Water

I think we all love cookies (including biscuits and galettes). Simple, flavored, aromatic, sweet, or salty. Here is an easy recipe of Galette made with flour, almond powder and of course with orange blossom water to enhance the aroma. We used to make them all the time when I was a child. Perfect recipe to bake … Continue reading

Beignets aux Amandes, Almonds Beignet

 Last week, I missed Fiesta Friday. I was so busy, I received my lovely niece for a few days. I like receiving my relatives because I love rediscovering my Dubaï! February is usually the Carnaval Month in a lot of places in the world, and so, for this festive month (and for Fiesta Friday #55) I … Continue reading

Polenta Cake

It has been a long time since I have wanted to make this cake, and I remembered Margherita from La Petite Casserole, posted a delicious one!! I have just made a little changes. Serves 8 Ingredients: 180g precooked Polenta (for me, I don’t have flour at home) 100g of soft butter 2 big eggs 150g of … Continue reading

Crostata della Nona di Giulia

Today is a very special Fiesta Friday for me. I have completed my first year of blogging (I cannot believe it), one year of sharing recipes with you, connected with people from different countries. I have discovered a fascinating world of cooking with true passion. I don’t know how many recipes I bookmarked already, and how … Continue reading