Rogan Josh Kashmir

I’m so glad to finally post my first Curry; a Rogan Josh Kashmir. Rogan Josh Kashmir is a slow cooked curry from Kashmir. The addition of the Kashmiri red chili brings this beautiful, vibrant red color. The spices and the flavors are so intense and the lamb is extremely soft and moist. This recipe is … Continue reading

Smoked Salmon and Spinach Tart

For those who don’t know me, I love Tarts. There is an infinity of combinations to stuff your tarts, and so many different kind of crust options. Puff pastry for sweet or salty tart,  pâte sablée for sweet tarts and pâte brisée also for sweet and salty tarts. Classic or rustic, served hot or cold. They are perfect … Continue reading

Fennel Tart

I don’t know if you are like me, but I love any and all kinds of vegetables! Their color, texture and shape, and fragrance; some only aromatic when cooked, are beautiful! Fennel is so perfumed, and particularly strong with an Anise flavor that I love. Excellent just with a vinaigrette or braised. But, I opted … Continue reading

Chicken Burgers

With summer soon coming to an end, I couldn’t see a better reason to enjoy the outdoors with a homemade burger, perfect for this week’s Fiesta Friday #82 too! The recipe of the Bread comes from my fellow lovely lady Elaine. I made her Loaf this week, and since it was so good, I decided … Continue reading

Mushroom and Roquefort Quiche

I like quiches, mushrooms and Roquefort, and so I decided to combine the three for a delicious classic quiche for lunch! Accompanied with a red leaf lettuce. Serves: 5 quiches Ingredients: 300g of puff pastry/pâte feuilletée (see recipe here) 800g of cremini brown mushrooms 1 generous tablespoon of salted butter 250gr of Roquefort/Stilton cheese 200ml … Continue reading

Tagliatelle with Black Garlic

Last month, I ventured to Abu-Dhabi to pick up a big envelope from my fantastic fellow Blogger friend Elaine @foodbod. I spent a delectable afternoon with her lovely family who brought this this gift over from UK. Inside the envelope was Black Garlic and Moroccan and Creole Spices (as well as a lovely letter). Thank’s again Elaine! I decided to … Continue reading

Spring Tart

A beautiful Friday sunny day to enjoy the weekend in the garden! And a delicious salty tart with a lot of aubergine pieces, and some tomatoes to brighten up my dish! To enhance the flavor, I added some fresh basil from my garden. This is my surprise for this week’s Fiesta Friday. A huge thank you … Continue reading