Gratin Dauphinois by Linda @ La Petite Paniere (a guest post)

Image 1Starting September with a Guest Post! My latest recipe can be found on Jhuls blog called The Not So Creative Cook. Contrary to the name, she has a lovely and creative blog with stunning recipes, and is an amazing blogging friend. She has also introduced me to many Filipino recipes, which I have yet to try! Make sure to go to her blog to see the recipe!!


It’s been… what? Three weeks? Since I announced that I need volunteers to be my guest blogger for the month of September. I am blessed to have some bloggers who emailed me, saying that they will try to come up with something for me – I was so touched. And honestly, I secretly wished that I hope at least ten blogging buddies will email me – but, I was surprised to receive fourteen; I am so grateful to everyone. ❤

thenotsocreativecook will be MIA for a while but I am so thrilled to have some blogging buddies to keep my blog kicking. So, by the time you are reading this, I am already somewhere out there.

To start off, I present to you my first guest blogger – Linda @ La Petite Paniere. I cannot remember when Linda and I started chatting, but it’s already quite a long time…

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