Freshly Baked Almond Rings – Guest Post for August

with titleYet another guest post! My latest recipe can be found on The Spice Adventuress‘s blog (formerly known as Skinny Chef De Cuisine). Her blog includes recipes from around the world (from India to the Middle East no name just a few), and also features stunning pictures. I am very happy to bring a Traditional Algerian Sweet recipe to her international blog! Make sure to go to her blog to see the recipe!!

The Spice Adventuress

Time’s flying, ain’t it! This month, the guest blogger I would like to introduce is Linda who blogs at Like I have always said, blogging has introduced me to people from across the globe. Linda is from Algeria but currently lives in Dubai with her family. Wow, Algeria – a country I know nothing about.

If you are a lover of International cuisine, then Linda’s blog is a must visit. You can really get to learn and understand more about traditional Algerian cuisine and dishes. Linda has a way with making her dishes look so delectably gorgeous; go take a look! And my favourite section of her blog – the traditional Algerian dishes.

Today, Linda brings us a batch of freshly baked, melt in your mouth almond rings sprinkled abundantly with decadent pistachios. I loved these almond rings; not only can these made in a jiffy, these are…

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20 thoughts on “Freshly Baked Almond Rings – Guest Post for August

    • Thank you Suzanne 🙂 I’m so happy you enjoyed the little rings and reminds you so good souvenirs and the love of food. The little rings are always good with a hot late, served in glass!

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